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Top 5 Dangerous Situations to Avoid While Cycling

As you’re getting out there getting comfortable with riding to work in preparation for BTWD 2017 on May 11, here’s some smart tips to a safe, enjoyable ride. This article was written by Personal Injury Help, an organization dedicated to providing the public with information about personal injury and safety information.  Ride safely and see you on May 11! Top 5 Dangerous Situations to Avoid While Cycling Whether on busy city streets, in suburban neighborhoods, or on backwoods roads, cycling requires careful preparation. Without it, cyclists risk injury from a variety of different obstacles and dangers. While some situations may be difficult to avoid, it is always best to know the red flags before it’s too late. Before setting out on your next ride, take a look at the top 5 dangerous situations cyclists can encounter, and how you can best avoid them. 1) Intersections Busy intersections can mean trouble for cyclists. They are designed with cars in mind, leaving cyclists with the problem of crossing huge street ways amidst drivers that might not be keeping an eye out for bicycles. One of the most common crashes that occurs here is the right turn collision — when a car or truck driver fails to notice a cyclist and turns either into or in front of the bicycle. Similar situations can occur when a car on the opposite side of...

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BTWD 2017 is just over a month away!

April is here — which means it’s only a little over a month until Bike to Work Day 2017! Are you getting ready??? It’s time to start pedaling, getting used to riding in traffic, tuning up your bike and more. Let’s make 2017 the best BTWD yet! Planning to participate in the Team Bike Challenge this year? Go to , log in or sign up, download the app and get out there and start training. If you were registered last year, you’ll need to change your password this year to login. It should be a great year of competition for bragging rights across the Bay Area! And finally, nominations for the Bike Communter of the Year have closed. Be sure to watch for information about this year’s winners at the end of the month in this space. Now get out there and ride!...

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It’s almost April — and the rain is over for now

So, what better time to get out on your bicycle and start getting in shape for BTWD 2017 on May 11? Here are some things to consider as you “gear up” for the big day: If your bike has been sitting in the garage all winter, take it in for a tune-up. You want to make sure your gears and brakes work properly, your chain is well oiled, your tires are in good shape, etc. You definitely don’t want to roll it out to ride on BTWD and find out that it needs repairs! Make sure your helmet is in good shape. If it’s old, how about an upgrade to one of the new models? Make sure it fits your head snuggly and you know how to adjust the straps. Practice — both riding and riding in traffic. Unless you’re fortunate to be able to stay on bike/multi-use paths all the way to work, riding in traffic takes a little getting used to. If you’re not seasoned about riding in traffic, get out during quiet hours (i.e., NOT rush hour!) and get a feel for riding next to cars, using proper hand signals, learning to scan your surroundings, and more. Ride with friends. If you’re a new commuter — and even if you’re seasoned — commuting with others makes riding that much more enjoyable. Beginners, try riding with more...

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It’s time to nominate your favorite bike commuter!

Know a dedicated bike commuter who pedals to work regularly? Know someone who inspires others to commute to work by bicycle? Know a cyclist who brings the joy of riding to his/her commute, rain or shine? Then nominate him/her as your county’s 2017 Bicycle Commuter of the Year! Nominations are now open! Simply complete the form here to put your favorite pedaler into the running for this year’s award! And check out last year’s winners to get inspired to join the ranks of cycling commuters. Note: Nominations close April...

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By now, many of us may have the rainy-day blues since all this rain — as much as we need it — is putting a cramp in our ability to get out and ride. But think if it this way — what a great time to make sure your bike is in perfect working order, check to make sure you’ve got all the right gear to make commuting safe and smart, and to spend time planning your route to work (if you don’t already have one mapped out). Why do all this now? Why, so you’ll be ready to roll for Bike to Work Day on May 11, of course! In just 3 short months, BTWD will be upon us, and you want to be fit, outfitted and prepared to join thousands of cyclists across the Bay Area for the 23rd annual celebration of bike commuting! So don’t think of it as grey and damp out and weather that’s ruining your plans. Instead, think of it as time to get ready. We’re doing the same on our end and look forward to riding with...

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