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What kind of incentive do you need to ride on BTWD?

No matter how short or long your commute to work, you CAN do it on a bicycle! Check out this wonderful video by Tom Finnegan, a long-time SFBC member to show you that the length of your commute  is no excuse not to join in the fun on May 12, 2016. Not only is Tom an avid bike commuter and cyclist, but he’s the captain of a Co-Motion tandem(shown here with indispensible stoker Christine) that may not do daily commutes but has covered 6,000 happy-making miles. So get out and  join Tom and tens of thousands of bike commuters across the Bay Area and pedal to work on May 12!   Bike to Work Day, © 2016 by Tom Finnegan, is used with permission by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for promotion of Bike to Work Day...

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Team Bike Challenge starts today!

Are you registered? Don’t delay! Go here and start logging your miles tomorrow on your first commute to work in May (unless you already started today!). Don’t miss the fun and excitement of competing with teams across the Bay Area. And don’t forget to commute to work on Thursday, May 12 for the 22nd annual Bay Area Bike to Work Day!...

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Get Ready to Bike to Work on May 12!

With hundreds of Energizer Stations throughout the Bay Area ready to motivate you on Bike to Work Day and dozens of events to help you celebrate at the end of the day, be sure you are in the know about the activities near you. You don’t want to miss out on your commemorative canvas bag and other goodies! Plan your route using the 511 BikeMapper and find your local Energizer Station, as well as other Bike to Work Day and Bike Month events, at the links below. Then saddle up and start pedaling! Alameda County (more information also available here) Contra Costa County (more information also available here) Marin County Napa County (more information also available here) San Francisco San Mateo County (more information also available here) Santa Clara County (more information also available here) Solano County Sonoma County (updated information will be available...

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Don’t let a little rain keep you from riding

You know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well that applies to Bike to Work Day too! If you train this month — even while it’s raining — you’ll be ready to roll on May 12! So get out there and pedal! Just watch for puddles and be extra observant of drivers and pedestrians trying to navigate around umbrellas! Need something catchy to keep you motivated? Play the BTWD 2016 video on your phone to put you in the...

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Join Team Bike Challenge Today!

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