As part of a series highlighting riders that biked an incredible amount of miles during Team Bike Challenge and National Bike Month, we are publishing a series of questions and answers from top riders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Peter Chang biked a mind blowing 2,055 miles during the month of May earning him the first place slot in miles biked in SF County. Working as an engineer at Google, he is active in SF2G. Team mate Scott Crosby writes: “We also have a verb we use around these parts, always in the past-participle: “Chang'd.” it means to be crushed and dropped on a group ride.” 

During the month, Chang managed to burn 88,367 calories and rack up an impressive 92 points. This is the second year he’s participated in Team Bike Challenge; his team,, (not surprisingly) took third place in regional with an unheard of 5,490.1 miles traversed and first place in San Francisco.

What type of bike do you ride?

Mostly a road bike for commuting, I mostly rode the geared one this year, but did a couple fixed rides to mix it up. [Team Mate Scott Crosby adds: “To add some color, he rides a custom Seven titanium track bike (fixed gear) and a Ritte Van Vlaanderen carbon road bike.”]

Did you bike every day?

Yes. Although there was that day without three points because I can't add so well.

Do you have a fitness/cycling motto?

Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius.

What do you attribute your success in the Challenge to?

How did you keep up your motivation this month?

Knowing that would be there for me next month.

What is the best thing about being #1 in your county?

Basking in the glow of the westerly winds and chilly, morning fog?


Thank you Peter and congratulations for an impressive feat of miles. See you (passing me) in the bike lane.