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By now, many of us may have the rainy-day blues since all this rain — as much as we need it — is putting a cramp in our ability to get out and ride. But think if it this way — what a great time to make sure your bike is in perfect working order, check to make sure you’ve got all the right gear to make commuting safe and smart, and to spend time planning your route to work (if you don’t already have one mapped out). Why do all this now? Why, so you’ll be ready to roll for Bike to Work Day on May 11, of course! In just 3 short months, BTWD will be upon us, and you want to be fit, outfitted and prepared to join thousands of cyclists across the Bay Area for the 23rd annual celebration of bike commuting! So don’t think of it as grey and damp out and weather that’s ruining your plans. Instead, think of it as time to get ready. We’re doing the same on our end and look forward to riding with...

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What are you doing on May 11?

Even while winter storms rage on here in the Bay Area, thoughts begin to turn towards spring and — for us — Bike to Work Day 2017! Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 11! The good news about our winters is that when it’s not raining, the sun is usually out. That means it’s a great time to start getting ready to pedal with your colleagues, friends, even family members as part of Bike to Work Day 2017. Is your bike in good working order? This is the slow season at many bike shops so take your bike in for a tune-up — your local bike shop will be happy to see you! Got questions about BTWD? Take a tour around this website for details on last year’s event, which will give you lots of good information about what’s coming this May! We’re looking forward to seeing you on May 11. In the meantime, check your local bicycle coalition website for more information in the coming...

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2016 Bay Area Team Bike Challenge Tops Participation Record

Whatever way you measure Team Bike Challenge’s impact — whether it is the number of people participating, the amount of green miles cycled, the pounds of carbon dioxide removed from the air or the aggregate calories burned — the friendly competition that attracts commuters from across the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area logged some impressive numbers in 2016. Joining the ranks of more than 13,000 previously registered riders, this year’s pedalers — 2,519 cyclists riding on 1,827 teams for 535 companies — were inspired to take part in the month-long cycling competition that pays big dividends for the environment and their own good health. While many are hardcore cyclists, some novices tried bicycle commuting for the first time. The number of individuals who committed to riding their bikes to and from work – as well as for errands, shopping and the like – throughout the month of May tells only part of the story. By the close of competition on May 31, the riders collective logged an incredible 374,080 miles — saving over 374,168 pounds of CO2 and burning close to 16,085,458 million calories. Team Bike Challenge Winners When the tallying was done, Santa Clara’s #TeamLCR took top honors with 465 points and 6,594 miles biked! (San Francisco County) came in second with 399 points and 7,999 miles followed by Get Your Erigeron (Marin County,) with a total...

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Local politicians came out in force on BTWD 2016

OAKLAND, Calif. … The 22nd annual Bike to Work Day rolled through the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday, May 12. Morning counts tallied across the counties of the region showed an increase of over nine percent compared to 2015. Adding together those who stopped at Energizer Stations with those who just pedaled by, rider count was well over 100,000 participants for the day. Refreshed and cheered on by thousands of volunteers at over 400 Energizer Stations throughout the region, participants turned a normal Thursday morning commute into a celebration on two wheels. “Every day can be Bike to Work Day,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor and MTC Chair Dave Cortese. “For this reason, MTC is committed to identifying reliable sources of funding to improve pavement conditions on our local streets and roads — making them safer for bike commuters to travel on.” Energizer Stations located near bike lanes, trails, transit stations and employment centers were crowded with bike commuters sipping coffee, fueling up on Clif bars and other goodies, and collecting their reusable, commemorative 2016 Bike to Work Day bags. Local politicians — including many MTC Commissioners — demonstrated their support of the festivities by joining commuters on their own two wheels and many helping at Energizer Stations. Elected officials included Alameda Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer; Albany Councilmember Nick Pilch; Davina Hurt, Belmont Councilmember...

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