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Bike to Work Day Commercial Soon to be Released

The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition has completed filming the 2010 Bike to Work Day Video. The video will highlight the Team Bike Challenge, transforming a team of office workers into bicycle heroes. Check back soon to see the commercial. More info:  Last year's...

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Doctor relishes Mount Tam-Brisbane bike commute (SF Chronicle)

When Dr. Bill Bradford lived in Cow Hollow, he'd bicycle to work in Brisbane. It took an hour, which wasn't long enough, so he moved his family over to Marin County. This way he gets a two-hour ride covering 30 miles and three mountains while touring through the towns and cities of Ross, Kentfield, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Sausalito, San Francisco, Daly City and on to Brisbane, where he is at his desk by 8 or 8:30 a.m. “I wasn't sure how the commute was going to work out until I started doing it,” he says of adding a bay to cross. “Then I thought, 'This is even better.'” More info:  SFGate: Doctor relishes Mount Tam-Brisbane bike...

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Gear Test | Bicycle Speakers (NY Times)

RIDING a bicycle with headphones occupying both ears is not just dangerous, but also illegal in New York and many other states. And while it’s O.K. to ride with just one ear plugged in, that’s not always very pleasant. Gadget makers have devised a solution: compact speakers for MP3 players that are meant to be attached to a bicycle, either on the handlebars or elsewhere. The rider selects the songs, attaches the music player to the speakers, then listens and rides with ears wide open. More info:  NY Times: Gear Test | Bicycle...

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A year without getting into a car

Maybe it was the eve of a new year. Maybe it was the Champagne. Maybe it was simply the right time. Whatever it was, Adam Greenfield of San Francisco made a resolution at a party on Dec. 31, 2008: He would not drive, or ride, in an automobile for all of 2009. This futuristic experiment fit in with Greenfield's lifestyle. A 29-year-old single guy who makes community films for City Hall, he was already commuting from the Inner Sunset mainly by bicycle. And he already believed that we're approaching a time in which oil will be so scarce, or expensive, that few of us will be able to power our cars or have access to foods grown from afar. More info:  SFGate: A year without getting into a...

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