The Bay Area is an excellent place to start biking or take more trips by bike. You can sign up to bike-pool with fellow cyclists, track your route online, become involved with the many bicycle organizations around town and sign up for bike safety classes. Use the resources below to help you get on your way!

511 BikeMapper – Use this interactive mapping tool to find the best route to take by bike.

Parking: Racks & Lockers – Lists and maps of locations of garage and locker bike parking. How best to lock your bike to prevent theft.

Bikes on Bridges – Which transportation is best to get your bike across all toll bridges.

Bike Buddy Matching – If you are a novice rider find an expert who can show you the best route and bike tips. If you are a regular rider sign up to encourage new riders to bike to work.

Bicycle Organizations – Get involved in bicycle riding clubs, bike advocacy groups, bike shops and more.

Bike Commuting Guide

101 Cycling Benefits

California Department of Motor Vehicles – California Driver Handbook has sections relating to bicycles.

SF Bike Coalition’s Rules of the Road – Bike Law 101, Traffic Ticket FAQ, Bike lane rules, etc.

2018 Bike to Wok Day Posters and Flyers – Download this year’s Bike to Work Day posters for the region or for your local county.